Monday, September 17, 2012

The Top

The Top was a member of the Flash's "Rogue's Gallery." He was born Roscoe Dillon and since his boyhood he was always fascinated with tops. When he grew up Dillon became a criminal and during one of his sojourns in jail came up with the idea of using tops in his criminal pursuits. Not sure why he didn't decide to just go into the toy business but I guess that's just how he rolled. Anyway, the self-styled Top created tops that exploded, or emitted smoke or blinding light and tops that created illusory images and ensnared people with strong wires or tops that created cyclonic winds. He also learned how to spin himself at high speed and discovered that doing so enhanced his intelligence. Remember folks I don't make this up. Anyway, all this spinning didn't keep him safe from the Flash, who kept throwing him back into jail - shoulda opened that toy store, just like I said - but the spinning did eventually effect his brain and, coupled with the Flash's super speed, ended up killing him. The figure was made from a Mattel Secret Wars Wolverine figure and the head from a Challenger sports figure. I did the lines around his body free-hand, which was really tedious and made me slightly cross-eyed for a time. And before you ask, the figure does not spin.

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