Friday, September 7, 2012

King Malis - Ancient Astronaut?

This character was from World's Finest No. 202, May 1971, and appeared when Lois Lane and Batman went missing and Superman went looking for them. Turns out they had been trying to assist an American archaeologist when they were taken captive by an Arab and someone else who turned out to be a discontented, malfunctioning Superman robot. When Superman appeared and did intervene they had just opened the tomb of King Malis, supposedly an ancient Egyptian ruler. A bright red light was emitted from the tomb and Superman was weakened by what turned out to be red sun radiation (his home planet Krypton had a red sun). With some teamwork from Batman and Lois they managed to knock out the Arab, destroy the robot and knock the king's block off - literally. But that was OK because the king was actually a robot as well, apparently left behind in the tomb by ancient astronauts. I found an odd figure and don't even remember what his head was like, but I cut it off and attached an acrylic ball and painted it a gloss red so it looked like it was glowing like the character. A relatively easy conversion if you happen to come across the appropriate body.

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