Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rainbow Raider

Roy Bivolo loved art and painting but there was one catch - he was color blind! His optometrist father looked for a cure but on his deathbed all he could offer were some "prisma-goggles," which ultimately gave his son considerable power over colored light. Embittered (I'm glad not everyone with color blindness is this bitter) Roy turned to crime. He learned that the goggles could exploit people through the various colors: red light caused anger, blue caused sadness, green caused envy, yellow caused cowardice, black light sapped an opponent's energy and color and white light could blind people. He could also create solid objects out of light, including the rainbows on which he traveled. As Rainbow Raider Roy embarked on a life of crime, although it was normally a life behind bars. He took on the Flash - off to jail. He took on Batman and the Flash - off to jail. He took on Green Lantern - you guessed it, off to jail. Well, he may have been bitter but he obviously didn't give up easily. The hardest part of making Rainbow Raider was the goggles, which I crafted from epoxy putty. Then I Dremeled the detail off a Superpowers Collection Flash figure and did a lot of colored painting. I'll but Roy wishes he could have done that!

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  1. Always loved the costume for some reason. Sadly Roy was bumped off a few years ago by a fellow villain in the Flash titles, when the writer wanted to show how badass a threat the latest villain was. A shame that... (There was a new replacement team, the Rainbow Raiders, that showed up a little later, where each member was a different colour of the rainbow with different powers, but they never caught on and were also killed off)