Sunday, September 23, 2012

Evil Star

The man who would eventually call himself Evil Star was born on the planet Aoran, orbiting the star-sun Acrux. He was married with a daughter but he was restless and dissatisfied. Problem? He didn't want to die. Unlike most of us he actually did something about it, creating the star band (that thing on his wrist), which used the power of the stars to energize its wearer and lengthen his life span. Unfortunately there was a side-effect - isn't there always? - that caused him to commit only evil acts. Thus he was untroubled when his wife and child grew old and died and when the people of Aoran rose up against him he destroyed them all. Talk about evil!! Anyway, he wanted to spread his evil throughout the universe but realized that he would be butting heads against the Guardian of the Universe and their Green Lantern Corps so he set out to destroy the big blue heads on Oa. That brought him into conflict with Green Lantern Hal Jordan, who succeeded in defeating Evil Star and his mindless "Starlings," smaller versions of himself who carried out his every whim. When creating Evil Star I used the body from a Superpowers Collection Green Lantern and the head from a Lex Luthor. I cut the star mask from a piece of card and found a piece of guided missile that would make the star band on his right wrist. The cape is made from T-shirt material.

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