Wednesday, September 12, 2012

CAW - the Rank and File

Yesterday I posted about the terrorist organization known as CAW - standing for the Criminal Alliance of the World. Since in my previous post I featured the leadership I thought today I'd feature the minions. I mean, every really important criminal organization needs minions or troops. Al Capone had them and the drug lords have them so everyone needs them, right? And look at those spiffy uniforms!! Al Capone's boys maybe got a suit and a pearl grey hat to wear, but these fellows have actual super villain type uniforms, complete with the emblem on their chests spelling out CAW so everyone will know where they're from and who they represent. Probably makes it easier in the line-ups. For the figures I used four different Toy Biz Daredevil figures and the heads from two Visionaries (the figures weren't much but I really liked the heads), as well as Punisher and Superman. I mean, there's nothing wrong with a bad guy having a resemblance to Supes, now is there?? The hardest problem with this conversion was the CAW emblem, which I did freehand. Gotta love those paint pens.

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