Thursday, September 22, 2011

Allied Supermen of America

The Allied Supermen of America, or as they were later known, the Allies, were a super group in the Supreme universe. When he was Kid Supreme he joined them for a time in the late 1940s but they disbanded in 1949. There was a revival in the 1970s with some different members but this is the group from the 1940s, which I thought was the more interesting of the two. From left to right we have: Black Hand, who has a light on his chest with which he can make shadow puppets that can affect tangible objects. He was made from a Spider-Man figure and the object on his chest was the wheel from a plastic model kit that I had to sculpt a bit to get to fit on his chest all right. Next is Jack O'Lantern, who's sort of a Spectre-like character, a cosmic entity who can adapt various human hosts and has magical abilities, including summoning various objects. I made him from a Toy Biz Captain America figure with a Halloween pumpkin head I got from somewhere and actually sewed the robes from T-shirt cloth. The lantern was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle accessory. Next we have Alley Cat, a Catwoman/Black Canary type character who carried a whip so I used a Batman Returns Catwoman figure to make her. Next right is Waxy Doyle or Waxman, sort of modeled after Sandman, he fights crime with a wax gun (didn't Marvel have a lame villain who used a similar gun?? Oh that's right, it was Paste Pot Pete. It's a shame I've never done a figure of him.) Anyway, Waxy is made using an Indiana Jones Toht figure in suit, a head from a GI Joe and various accessories and bits of tubing to round out the figure. Then we have Doc Rocket, an obvious Flash clone, made from a Superpowers Collection Flash figure with a rocket on top of his head from a plastic model kit. Finally on the right we have Storybook Smith, who has a magical book that he can write in and conjure various characters from history as well as fiction to help him fight crime. He reminds me a little of Kid Eternity who could summon various historical characters to help him out of jams. Storybook was made using a Toht body and the head from a happy meal prince charming or some such, with a book thrown in for good measure. You might actually see Storybook again, but with some more interesting companions. Stay tuned.


  1. You should do Paste-Pot Pete, Matter-Eater Lad, and their actual Amalgam character Paste-Eater Lad.

  2. I literally have a 2-drawer file cabinet filled with future projects. I have more projects than I have life left. Thanks for visiting.
    Cheers, Dennis