Friday, September 23, 2011

Storybook Smith

Yesterday I talked about Sam "Storybook" Smith as part of the Allied Superheroes of America. I mentioned that he could call up historical and fictional characters to aid him in his crime-fighting ventures, which also earned him the moniker of the "Literary Lawman." Today I'm featuring him with some of the characters he called up and his girlfriend. In the top picture he's called up the big bad wolf from the story of the three little pigs, for which I found a cartoony wolf; then there's the Frankenstein Monster, for which I used a Remco Universal Monsters monster; then there's Sherlock Holmes, for which I used a Superior Models metal Sherlock figure. In the bottom picture Storybook is standing next to his girlfriend Miranda Creel, for which I used another Superior models figure from their range of nude figures. Miranda later catches Sam in bed with Scarlet O'Hara, on the left in dressing gown from the Franklin Mint, and Madame Bovary, on the right, an anonymous nude figure I found at a flea market. I mean, if I had Storybook's fantasy book I'd probably be conjuring up some ladies from history for a little romantic fun too. Now let's see, who could I conjure up today?????

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