Monday, September 26, 2011

Grim 80's Tittering Transvestite Serial Killer Dax

Continuing my tour of the Darius Dax Malignancy I present probably one of the characters with the longest name in the history of comics - Grim 80's Tittering Transvestite Serial Killer Dax. Dax meets this guy on his tour of the Malignancy. He doesn't say much but what he does say sort of sums up his outlook on life. He comments, "Hee, hee, hee! If I was a woman, first I'd molest and humiliate myself, then I'd strangle myself with electrical flex... slowly!" Now wouldn't you want to invite this guy to your next Halloween party?? He'd certainly be on the top of my guest list. Yeah, right. Anyway, the name alone sort of attracted me to this project but I was challenged by which body parts and such I could use. I ended up using an animated Tarzan figure because he's depicted barefooted, coupled to the head from a Toy Biz Morph, the demented version. The dress I got from a female figure I think was a wrestler or something. If you can read the word on the front of the dress it says MADNESS, which seemed like something Grim 80's Tittering Transvestite Serial Killer Dax might wear.

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