Monday, September 12, 2011

Supremes White & Gold

Continuing with my Supreme posts let me say that one thing I liked about Supreme was some of the satirical touches. For example we have a Supreme who sort of pops into existence and is wondering what's going on when he's ushered to the Supremacy. The Supremacy is where "revised" Supremes go - the implication being that when the comic is reimagined they blink out of existence to make room for the next "universe" of characters. They then show up in this place called the Supremacy, which is populated by all the Supremes that ever were and their friends, loved ones and associates. It's sort of like a Heaven Supreme. I've done a few of these characters and thought I'd present some, starting with Supremes White and Gold. According to them, White and Gold were imaginary versions of Supreme who were no less real than any of the others following their revision. They say, "We hope you'll make your earth a utopia like we did ours." This is clearly a reference to a DC Comics "imaginary" story where Superman split himself into Superman Red and Superman Blue and turned the world into a utopia. I used two Hercules figures for these conversions, sanding off the belt detail and painting them appropriately. I was forced to use some material from a fabric store for the gold cape since I haven't found a gold T-shirt, but the white cape is T-shirt material.

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