Thursday, September 29, 2011

Supreme Villains

Three more villains who gave Supreme a hard time. On the left is Emerpus, who comes from a part of our universe called the backward zone, where time runs in reverse. People in that zone come into existence dug up from their graves and slowly dwindle into babies. Emerpus spent his career taking criminals from prison and helping them undo their crimes and devolve them into innocent babies. On the right is the Shadow Supreme, who was created by Darius Dax using a device he called the Negatizer. This created a vastly powerful physical and moral negative duplicate of Supreme, who was as cruel and savage as Supreme was kindly and wise. Both Emerpus and Shadow Supreme were created using Superpowers Collection Supermen figures. As for the guy in the center, he's the Televillian. TV repairman Reuben Tube (remember, I don't make these names up) spent his spare time tinkering with electronics until he created a device that allowed him to enter the virtual reality of television shows and jump from one TV to another, robbing as he went. Televillain was created using a Flash body and the head from a little figure that looked like the TV set, to which I added the antennae.

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  1. It really seems like Emerpus is Bizarro with Ultraman's origin and the Shadow Supreme is Ultraman with Bizarro's origin.