Saturday, September 24, 2011

Villain Supreme - Darius Dax

I think I've mentioned Dax in a couple of my Supreme-related posts so now here he is. Dax first came into conflict with Kid Supreme during childhood in Littlehaven, when his scientific achievements were overshadowed by the power and brilliance of the super-powered kid. A seething hatred developed that would last for decades. At one point Dax even transferred his psyche into the body of Judy Jordan in an attempt to get at Supreme - now that's a dedicated enemy!! Based on Lex Luthor, Dax, also known as the Marconi of Monstrosity, was one of the ubiquitous villains Supreme faced over the years. As it turns out Dax had his own revision universe just like Supreme did. I'll feature a few of those persona's in future posts. As for this Dax, I used the body from a Seaquest figure and the head from Star Trek Voyager's LT Carey.

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