Friday, September 30, 2011

Supreme Villain - Basilisk

The Basilisk was actually an enemy of The Allies, but Supreme was tagging along at the time I think. Anyway, his real name was Digby Drew, an eccentric inventor (are there any other kinds?) and art collector who invented goggles that would turn people to stone. Maybe he should have named himself Mr. Medusa - after all, that was her shtick in ancient Greek myth. He wanted a collection of superhero statues with the Allies as his centerpiece. But then Mighty Man (sort of a Captain Marvel/Shazam clone) transformed into his unaffected human identity and freed the rest of the Allies. Basilisk really seems to be enjoying himself in the picture so that was nice for him - for a while. I decided to use a Dr. Octopus figure, which required a little sculpting and then painting.

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