Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Few More Dax's

OK, this is the last of Dax for now. When touring the Malignancy Dax saw a number of alternate versions of himself, only one of which on this page was actually named. The Dax on left reminded me of the battlesuit Lex Luthor used to wear so I took a Toy Biz Morph head and combined it with a Superpowers Collection Luthor battlesuit and repainted for armored Dax. On the right is a stretchy Dax with an E.D. on his chest which I assume does not stand for Ed but for Elongated Dax - easy enough using a Toy Biz Reed Richards figure which I repainted. At center is a rootin tootin character identified in the text as "Imaginary western variant, Dead-Eye-Dax," who was made using the body from a James West from the movie Wild, Wild West, the head from a Bruce Banner and the hat from a Dukes of Hazard Boss Hogg. A terrible threesome if ever there was one.

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  1. Finally someone found a use for anything to do with the Wild, Wild West movie!!!