Sunday, September 25, 2011

Darius Dax and the Malignancy

Today a couple more samples from the world of Supreme and his arch villain, Darius Dax. Where Supreme had the Supremacy when he was revised, Dax had the Malignancy. The ruler of the Malignancy was King Darius VI of the 1960s Silver Dynasty, also called the Maxi-Dax, the figure on left in the top picture. I picked up the figure in the discount isle, threw a crown on his head and gave him a cape. The brass attachments for the cape are actually brass nails. On right in the same picture is Nazi Mad Scientist Dax, actually the Final Fantasy figure of General Hein unmodified. Then there's Tremendax, a giant who towers over the Malignancy. I'm trying to remember what I did with this - I think I swapped heads with another figure (sorta Barbie Doll sized), but I actually don't remember. He looks pretty good though, right???

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