Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Original Dax

Continuing the story of Darius Dax and the Malignancy, today we present Original Dax. The first thing he can remember was being a crime boss in Omega City in 1939. His hideout was in the Omega Chemical Company Works where he made bombs, until he was on his biggest job and "... this palooka named Supreme," shows up and foils the crime. At that point Supreme had a magic belt buckle that gave him the strength of Hercules and made him impervious to bullets. Original Dax thought he'd been knocked off and sent to purgatory because all that was there was him and the remnants of the Omega Chemical Works. His continuity had been crossed out of existence and it wasn't until the 1960s when more Dax's began showing up, including an entire planet of male and female Dax's that one of the Dax's had created, that anyone joined him. Got all that?? I made Original Dax from a Spy Kids McDonough and the head from a GI Joe. As some of you may have come to realize I really love those GI Joe heads and bodies - they give you a lot of room for conversions.

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