Thursday, September 15, 2011

Supreme's Girlfriend Judy Jordan

Oh, woe is me, poor Judy Jordan. Technically she was Kid Supreme's girlfriend in the days of his youth and then later when he grew to adulthood - sort of the Superme universe version of Lana Lang. Then Supreme abandoned earth for a number of years and Judy pined away for him until a book arrived in the mail one day. When she opened it dust flew up in her face and her entire persona was usurped by Darius Dax, who took over Judy's middle aged body for his own nefarious schemes (sounds like a life-long closet cross-dresser to me, not that I have anything against them). Upon his return to earth Supreme discovers what has happened and transfers her essence into a Suprematon (that's a robot) body. When she awakes she's not a happy camper and goes back into her oh, woe is me routine, until it comes to light that a Supreme robot (sorry, Suprematon), who is the essence of Supreme himself, is really in love with her. They decide to marry and go off to another planet, there to raise a lot of little Suprematons to populate the place. Sounds romantic to me - how about you?? Anyway, I used an Invisible Girl (clear plastic) for the figure, which I painted appropriately. A nice touch, although its hard to see, is the heart shaped belt buckle. How romantic.

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