Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Supreme's Alter Ego - Ethan Crane

Continuing with my Supreme posts I thought I would feature his alter ego and secret identity, Ethan Crane. When he was first exposed to Supremium in his youth and his hair turned white he would dye his hair black when he was performing his super feats as Kid Supreme but would go back to white when he was just Ethan Crane. By adulthood he seems to have given that up and he was white haired all the time. As an adult Ethan went into the comic book business as an artist on the Omniman comic book - Omniman actually comes to life in one comic - which is probably every comic artists fantasy - to be the super powered person who is drawing the super powered heroes. The figure I used was from a series of figures called Steel Men, who are road workers, firemen and that sort of thing. I attached a Clark Kent head, which had a ponytail I had to remove and then painted the hair white. The parts actually worked together pretty well.

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