Saturday, September 10, 2011


I discovered Supreme in the midst of Alan Moore's term on the title and really liked it, going back and filling in the issues I missed. It is, in the final analysis, either an homage or a semi-satirical salute to Superman. He comes complete with nicknames but instead of the man of steel, Supreme is called the Ivory Icon or the gilded Goliath. Instead of a pet dog with super powers called Krypto he had one named Radar. Instead of a girl friend named Lois Lane, supreme has one named Judy Jordan. In the Alan Moore version young Ethan Crane is out in the woods with his dog Radar when he comes upon a strange glowing white meteor. Exposure to the meteor's radiation endows both Ethan and the dog with amazing powers. He adopts the secret identity of Kid Supreme and sallies forth to right the wrongs committed in the town of Littlehaven (instead of Smallville). He even gets himself a rest-of-your-life villain named Darius Dax (instead of Lex Luthor), a scientific genius who just can't walk the straight and narrow and who hates Supreme with every fibre of his being. As an adult Ethan becomes a cartoonist on a comic book (instead of a newspaper reporter) and continues his Supreme career. I really took a liking to this character as he was played out throughout the life of Supreme and his friends. More in future posts. The figure I used was a Superpowers Collection Superman (naturally), that I cleaned the belt and boot details off of and repainted. Later versions of Supreme have him with strange metal gauntlets on his hands but I haven't done that version yet.

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