Thursday, November 24, 2011

13 & Jinx

I was looking for something appropriately "turkey" to present on Thanksgiving Day but nothing really jumped out at me so I decided on a character that was, well, a little lame. Harold Higgins always had a talent for getting things to go his own way - a person who seemed to have luck on his side (unlike most of us). However, when Harold's parents were killed when he was 15 he decided to turn his skills to tracking down killers. Although Harold had established himself as a private detective when he became an adult, that apparently wasn't enough so he took the next step and became a masked vigilante, calling himself 13. Keeping an eye out for others with a talent for good luck he discovered 16-year old Darrel Creig, who he took on as his sidekick Jinx (another cradle robbing superhero). 13 and Jinx - now doesn't that seem like a lucky pair? Well, they must have been because they ran in Daredevil Comics (from Lev Gleason) #3 to 17 for a total of 15 issues between 1941-43, beating the number 13. 13 was made from a Toy Biz Captain America body and the head from a Professor X. I've seen several versions of his costume but I rather liked this one the best. Jinx was made using a Secret Wars Captain America figure and the head from a Superpowers Collection Robin. Hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving day and eat lots of good food.


  1. What year did this come out in comics?

  2. Sorry, I meant to put that in the post. 13 ran from 1941 to 1943. Thanks for the interest.