Sunday, November 27, 2011

Target & the Targeteers

Niles Reed created a flexible metal weave that could stop bullets, so when his brother was framed for murder he whipped up a yellow and black costume made of this metal fabric and busted the brother out of jail. However, the brother ended up getting killed so Niles vowed to track down the framers of his brother using the costume as a disguise. Later he's joined by two other young men named Tom and Dave with their own motives for battling crime. Equipped with identical costumes except one is blue and the other red they join Niles in his crusade against crime. I have it annotated that Dave wore blue and Tom red but I have a hunch it had more to do with the whim of the artist than anything else. Target is also one of the few (maybe only) superhero character to be named after an already existing comic. Target Comics from Novelty Press had been published for nine issues before Target himself came along and was published for ten issues after the three had disappeared from its pages. Target appeared from November 1940 through October 1948 so he was one of the more successful heroes of the Golden Age. Aside from a bullet-proof costume Target and the Targeteers possessed no super powers. All three were made from Toy Biz Daredevil figures. The target design on their chests, as well as the crest on top of their heads, changed over time, again probably at the whim of the artists.

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