Thursday, November 10, 2011

Big Bang - Badge and the Rookies

The Badge is sort of Big Bang's answer to Timely's Captain America and DC's Guardian. Born out of the Golden Age, U.S. intelligence has captured a Nazi formula similar to that which created the Blitz. Of the volunteers the only survivor who took the formula is honest cop Robert Ryan, who emerges with enhanced physical and mental abilities. One night while breaking up a gang he discovers his twin brother Roger is in league with the baddies. Roger subsequently gets shot in the cross fire so Robert rushes him to the hospital. Robert volunteers as a donor for a transfusion, saving his brother's life, but the gang shows up and ends the Badge's career. Roger takes up the torch, and the Badge uniform, and now enhanced with the same abilities his brother possessed, goes off to fight crime as the one and only Badge. As it turns out Robert had two kids who end up battling crime alongside their uncle as the uniformed Trooper and Bobbie. Can we say, a little contrived?? Anyway, I rather liked this trio, using a Toy Biz Daredevil body and the head from a Captain America (how appropriate) for the Badge and Voltron Lance and Princess Allura figures for Trooper and Bobbie.

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