Monday, November 14, 2011

Superboy Sex Change

Allow me to explain the title of this post. The modern (circa 1999) Superboy, who is actually a clone of the Man-of-Steel created by the research organization known as Cadmus, discovers there are alternate realities and that there are Superboys inhabiting most of them. On a journey to discover who's kidnapping the clones (actually a guy named Black Zero) Superboy goes on an explosive journey through the Multiverse. He discovers a number of these Superboy clones and even one who was genetically manipulated into a Supergirl (The Hyper-Tension story arc). Got all that?? Anyway, I wanted to create said Supergirl so I started with a Superboy figure like the one on left. I enhanced the chest slightly - any more would have looked funny buldging out of the jacket, and repainted the "S" sign. I also swapped out Superboy's head for one from a Jurassic Park Ellie (first one, not the later one that looked more like Laura Dern), and voila - Supergirl!!! It was my first real sex change experiment.

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