Friday, November 4, 2011

Robin of Earth-2

Just finished this project and I'm rather proud of it so thought I would throw it into the mix today. For the uninitiated, the DC universe prior to the mid-1980's was populated with many different earths, all vibrating at various frequencies. The Silver Age Flash discovered this by tapping into his speed powers and visiting earth-2 where the Golden Age heroes and heroines were mostly still alive and kicking, although they had aged. On earth-2 Dick Grayson had not rejected his Robin persona in favor of Nightwing but had updated the look as he grew older. One version of his costume was the same red/green/yellow colors he'd worn as a youth, which Mattel has already done as part of their Infinite Universe collection, but another version was basically a modified Batman costume. I do not have all of his appearances during this period but as far as I know he only wore this particular outfit in a Justice League of America cross-over in issues 123 and 124 from October-November 1975. This also illustrates one of the things that alternately drives me nuts and pleases me - if you look at the two pictures at right from the cover you can see that the bat wings are on the outside of the "R" emblem, while the illustrations on left from inside the book show the bat wings incorporated inside the emblem. Which makes it more confusing when I'm researching but ultimately says to me I can do it whichever way I please. I used an Infinite Universe Batman for the body and a Hal Jordan Green Lantern for the head and cut the cape from T-shirt material.

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