Thursday, November 3, 2011

Blitz Battles Oscar

Yesterday I blogged about Mack Snelling, the Blitz during WWII. Today I thought I'd feature one of his villains. If you remember, or even if you don't, Mack was a newsreel reporter and was assigned to covering the Academy Award Ceremonies. While he was there the giant statue of the Oscar comes to life and starts spouting Nazi slogans and taking a swing at everyone with his equally giant sword. Mack immediately shifts to his Blitz garb and battles it out with the giant robot statue, toppling the sucker and then capturing his inventor in the bargain. For Oscar I used a ten inch Silver Surfer figure, which I painted gold, along with a scale sword for him to brandish. I like it when I can incorporate a large scale figure in with the regular sized guys.

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