Saturday, November 12, 2011

Big Bang - Quizmaster

I couldn't leave Big Bang behind without featuring one of their villains. This one started out as Nestor Whitt, who writes the questions for a popular quiz show "What do You Know?." Jealous of the host and sponsor of the show, Lester Manly and Vernon MacKlan, respectively, he decides to hijack the show when Kid Galahad, heroic protege of the Knight Watchman, is scheduled to appear. He manages to capture Kid Galahad and place him in an electric chair attached to a lie detector. If the Knight Watchman fails to answer his questions correctly the Kid will be fried on live TV. But when the showdown comes Knight Watchman manages to sidestep the questions the Quizmaster asks until the final question, which is the secret identities of the Watchman and Galahad. However, the Kid has managed to work his way free and apprehends the Quizmaster. In the end the game wouldn't have bought the Quizmaster much since the secret identities of the Knight Watchman and Kid Galahad are... the Knight Watchman and Kid Galahad!! So there you are. I made the Quizmaster from a Toy Biz Riddler figure (what else would I have used), making a few little "Q's" for his glasses and belt buckle.

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