Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Too Many Superboys - Part 1

In my last post I presented the sex change Superboy into Supergirl. This time around I present another entry in the Hyper-Tension story line (Superboy 60-64, March-July 1999 if you'd like to read 'em). The main earth Superboy is blasting (literally) around the multiverse and stumbles upon the Batcave. But instead of meeting Batman and his partner Robin, he encounters Batman and his partner... wait for it... Superboy. Robin is apparently dead and Superboy is training with the Dark Knight. This Superboy is wearing a knock-off of the Tim Drake Robin's costume, complete with black and yellow cape. Although I thought of just repainting a Tim Drake Robin in Superboy colors, I decided the heads weren't right so I took the head from a Superpowers Collection Robin and attached it to the Tim Drake body. Then I repainted it. (Bet you knew repainting would figure in there somewhere, now didn't you??)

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