Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Big Bang - Whiz Kids

The Whiz Kids were Big Bang Comics answer to DC's Teen Titans. Two of these characters I've already presented but I thought I'd include them to be... well... inclusive. On the left is Kid Galahad, The Knight Watchman's partner and Big Bang's answer to the Silver Age Robin. In the middle is Moray, Atomic Sub's protege and sort of the female version of Aqualad. On the right is the character I haven't presented before. He's Cyclone, the Blitz's young partner, who came along a bit later. Starting life as Marty Eastman, your basically overweight geek, who's only claim to fame would be at the science fair. Seeking a metabolism enhancer to help him lose weight he accidentally stumbles onto the Blitz formula and gains super speed. The difference is that the effect isn't permanent and he has to keep popping his "Rocket Pills," which soon insure he's in top form as the adventuring Cyclone. He was made using an Animated Batman Robin figure, to which I added goggles using epoxy putty and ear pieces hole punched from plastic sheet.


  1. Big fan of "Big Bang", so these are great fun to see!

  2. I'm a big fan of Big Bang as well - they even featured some of my action figures in a couple of issues.