Friday, November 18, 2011

Too Many Superboys - Part 2

A real rootin', tootin', hi-falootin' super fellow is our Kid Kon-El, the Wild West's Superboy. Again from the pages of Superboy 60-64 in the Hyper-Tension story arc, this alternate universe Superboy rides a horse and packs a six-shooter, although I'm not quite sure why. All of these Superboys are clones of the original Superman, produced by Cadmus research when Superman was supposedly slain by Doomsday. The bad guy of the story arc, Black Zero, is trying to either enlist all the Superboys in his plot to conqueror the Multiverse, or at least eliminate them as competition. Kid Kon-El was particularly interesting to me because he was quite a bit different than the other Superboys. He was also hard to find the pieces for. I eventually used a random western figure's head coupled with various GI Joe body parts. He's a little different than the drawings but I thought he came out pretty neat.

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