Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kaanga and Ann

Fiction House was primarily noted for their jungle characters. These were mostly Tarzan wannabees, male or female, they were almost universally white and many of them had critter friends. I have previously featured Sheena, another Fiction House character, and also the actress Gena Lee Nolan, who played Sheena on TV. Today I'll talk briefly about Kaanga, jungle lord, and his "mate" Ann Mason. They are very Tarzan and Jane-like, cavorting around the jungle in skimpy clothing, righting wrongs and working for the better good. There are friendly tribes and not-so-friendly tribes, great white hunters who are always up to some mischief, and the odd renegade elephant, rhino or something else. I rather liked the picture behind the figures, showing Kaanga on the back of an elephant, struggling with a snake while one of two pots of some fiery substance spill down the elephant's side and Ann tips over backwards. Pretty well sums up the thrust of the stories. As for the figures, Toy Biz did a small group of Savage Land figures, including Ka-Zar and Storm in jungle attire. Kaanga is made from a Ka-Zar figure with the head from a Jurassic Park Muldoon and Ann is made from a Storm figure with the head of a Alfa Flight Aurora. I had to remove some sculpted jewelry on the originals and then paint them appropriately.

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