Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tanya Roberts - Sheena

I mentioned in an earlier post that, apart from Gena Lee Nolan, I had met another actress who played Sheena, the jungle queen. That actress was Tanya Roberts. Although the 1984 jungle film did not receive very good reviews I rather liked Tanya in the role and she certainly looked good. She had previously done a few films and was in the last season of the "Charlie's Angels" TV series. In 1982 she appeared in the sword and sorcery film "Beastmaster," which spawned a couple of sequels. Then in 1985 she appeared as the "Bond girl" opposite Roger Moore in "From a View to a Kill." That was sort of the zenith of her career, although she did appear in "That 70's Show" between 1998 and 2001. I met her in 2004 and found her to be very nice and reasonably chatty.


  1. Wow nice pick. I always thought she was one of Charlie's better looking angels.

  2. I concur. And that was some tough competition.