Friday, November 25, 2011

Queen Bee and her Minions

Since I first saw Queen Bee in Justice League of America No. 132, dated July 1976 I found her very interesting. She had always been on my "to-do" list but I hadn't gotten around to her. Then they came out with a PVC set of a number of JLA villains and Queen Bee was among them. Great! I got the set and was happy with that. But I had also wanted to do her minions, her Bee-Men, who were really artificial bodies containing masses of her trained bees. When some of the 3 3/4" DC Universe figures came out I thought that would be a good opportunity. Using a mix of Alex Luthor and Atom bodies and some heads from the new Star Trek movie figures I did four of them. I also liked her beehive spaceship so I checked out the craft store and, low and behold, found a wooden beehive and mounted it on a wooden disk, which I painted appropriately. It made for a nice mix of projects.

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