Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Big Bang - Blitz

Jimmy Travis is a successful race car driver competing in a series of races outside Monte Carlo in Europe when an East German competitor forces him off the road. Jimmy stumbles upon an abandoned subterranean Nazi lab left over from World War II where he finds a series of vials and a strange red and yellow costume. Only one of the vials still has liquid in it and when he accidentally spills it on himself he starts feeling very strange indeed. Removing his damaged racing suit he dons the strange costume and, when he's attacked, discovers he has extraordinary powers of lightning speed. OK, hold it a minute. So the Nazis left this suit and the perfected serum in this abandoned lab rather than actually using it to create a team of super soldiers to help them win the war. Sort of like the old stories of buried pirate gold - they didn't bury it they spent it on wine, women and song. Anyway, Jimmy Travis takes on the persona of the Blitz and hurries out to right wrongs and do good in the world. Don't ya just love it when that happens. The Blitz was made using a Superpowers Collection Flash body. I did make two mistakes when painting Blitz, which I just noticed when preparing this blog entry - can you pick them out? First I didn't connect the lightning bolts between his eyes as in the picture, and I also didn't paint the little lightning bolts down the front of his boots. I may have to go back and correct those little items.

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