Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Big Bang - Atomic Sub & Moray

Atomic Sub has an interesting background, starting life as Dr. Noah Talbot, who was working on a couple of inventions at the beginning of World War II. His first invention was a blood substitute that was sea-water based. The second was a prototype android into which the brains of severely wounded soldiers could be implanted, giving them a new lease on life. During experiments Talbot and his wife come to realize that the chimp they tested the blood formula on needed to live in sea-water to extract oxygen. Talbot has a heart attack and asks his wife to transplant his brain into the android, which she does. A passing Nazi U-Boat crew come a-calling (don't you hate it when that happens?) looking for new and interesting experimental stuff from the noted Yankee scientist. When they take his wife and the chimp back to their U-Boat, Talbot dons a handy jetpack he had been working on and rescues them, but discovers he also must return to sea-water in order to live. Assuming the identity of the Human Sub, Talbot fights the Axis during the war. Afterwards he changes his name to the Atomic Sub. He later joins the Round Table of America and still later his grand-daughter joins the associated Whiz Kids (more on them later). He sacrifices his own life during the criss-cross crisis to save the world. The Atomic sub was made using a Superpowers Collection Aquaman body and the head from another figure whose identity I don't remember off hand. Moray was made from a Catwoman figure and the head from a Playmates Star Trek Dax.

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