Saturday, October 1, 2011

Jack-A-Dandy & Jackette

I'm finishing up my Supreme related posts today with a character who was actually a Professor Night villain. If you remember from an earlier post (this is a test and you are being graded) Professor Night was the "Batman" of the Supreme universe and the two worked closely together. I suppose Jack-D-Dandy was suppose to be a sort of Joker-like villain, but is far too lazy and far too gentlemanly to really pull it off. He's a bored, dandified fop who likes to parade around in the fashion of an earlier century. In one adventure he teams with Darius Dax (Supreme's main villain)and they use one of Dax's machines to switch the persona's of Supreme and Professor Night. Of course they are thwarted in the end and end up with their persona's switched. I really pieced Jack together, using the body from a Batman Beyond Jokerz figure, legs from another figure and the top hat from yet a third, neither of the latter two I can recall the origins of. I had to do a lot of sculpting on the hair to catch the curls. On the right side picture are a bunch of Jackettes, followers of Jack, and I was befuddled as to how I was going to do them. Then at a show I stumbled upon a Japanese Anime figure with a top hat and figured she'd do until I can come up with a better plan. I've actually grown rather fond of her.

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