Monday, October 31, 2011

Big Bang - Dr. Weird

For Halloween I thought I'd post Big Bang's answer to DC's Spectre and MLJ's Mr. Justice (see earlier post) - Dr. Weird. He's a supernatural being who can sense strange forces at work and move to deal with them. In one such instance (Big Bang No. 3) he enlists the aid of the Knights of Justice and the Round Table of America from two different earths in order to stymie a plot to destroy both worlds. A portal has been opened between the two worlds thet, if not closed, will result in the two earths colliding. Sounds like a pretty bad day for all concerned, doesn't it? Dr. Weird holds the portal at bay while the heroes from both earths race to foil the perpetrator. Guess who that turns out to be? The bad guy is an intelligent chimp named Dr. Binana (remember I don't make these things up) with delusions of disaster. How very out of the Marvel Family is that!!?? At any rate Dr. Weird has saved the day, along with the other heroes and everything will now be fine until the chimp breaks out of the zoo again. Dr. Weird was made using a Toy Biz Silver Surfer and attaching a couple of plastic circles as ear pieces I hole punched out of plastic sheet. The cape is from a Toy Biz Doctor Doom.

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