Saturday, January 14, 2012

Captain Freedom X 100

I did a previous post on a Captain Freedom from the Golden Age from Harvey Comics - just check if you don't believe me. Anyway, this Captain Freedom is from AC Comics, only there's a bunch of him. Cloned from the DNA of a famous scientist, with incredible will-power and physical and mental training, as many as a hundred of the clones were dispatched to various countries all over the world as a symbol and to fight for freedom. In one story arc there was a plot to dispose of as many of the Captain Freedom's as possible and at least 32 were killed, but I guess whoever created the first batch could knock out a few more as necessary. He (they) have operated with Femforce and some of the related groups over the years, although I'm not sure they are actually members of any particular group. Their base of operations appears to be an underwater city called Oceanus, which I've only seen once or twice but which is referred to a lot. One of the good Captains serves as the security officer on Oceanus. When I decided to do this version of Captain Freedom I wanted to do multiples to account for at least a few of the clones. I ended up doing four because you seldom see more than between three to five at any one time. I did them all using Toy Biz Daredevil figures, adding the little shield belt buckle using a piece of sheet plastic. I've noticed that sometimes they have a yellow stripe down the side of their leg and sometimes not. I did the version without the stripe.

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