Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ravagers - Mars

The Ravagers are a superhuman, paranormal group that was essentially hired to battle Femforce and their allies. General Richard T. Gordon, who is Femforce's overall boss, decides the "team" needs a little lesson in humility. He approaches Dr. Lieber, who apparently specializes in paranormal human production, to send over his team to do the job. These are the Ravagers - Mars, Automag, X-T and The Mercenary. I thought I would present them one at a time and I'll start with Mars, self-proclaimed God of Battle. He takes on Captain Paragon, whom he battles to a stalemate, using his Star-Sceptre - that's the mace he's holding. Paragon assumes Mars draws his strength and invulnerability from the sceptre but through trial and error - equaling a few hard knocks - realizes that Mars is the dry-cell battery charging the sceptre. Paragon figures Mars is probably weakened as he's charging the sceptre and chooses that moment to strike, dropping Mars like an old rag doll. I made Mars using a Hercules TV series figure, painting his hair and lower extremities, I also painted the straps around his lower arms, which was the hardest part of the conversion. The mace I got from my parts box.

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