Sunday, January 15, 2012

Nightveil - The Mystic Maid

Starting life as Laura Wright, she was born in 1924 (oops - telling her age) and began her crime-busting career in the 1940's as the straight-shooting Blue Bulleteer. She spent some time in another dimension with her mentor, the Wizard Azagoth, who trained her in the mystic arts. She is perhaps the most powerful member of Femforce, not only possessing the ability to fire bolts of sorceress energy, erect ectoplasmic protective shields, open portals into extra-dimensional space and she can levitate herself and others. She is also sensitive to magical disturbances and can track them to their source. Most of her powers derive from her Cloak of Darkness, which is a powerful tool that always threatens to take over the wearer so she must be ever alert that her good intentions are not being corrupted by the cloak. She has a mansion in the Florida everglades which sort of hovers above the ground, which would probably be good for keeping water out of the basement and not being effected by earthquakes. She's a magic user in the same class with Dr. Strange in the Marvel Universe and Spectre in the DC. I used the WILDCATS figure Voodoo to make Nightveil, cutting the cloak from T-shirt material and binding it with silken cord.

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