Monday, January 9, 2012


Miniature heroes haven't been as popular in the modern age as they were during the Golden Age. The only one that springs immediately to mind is the modern Atom. However, as part of their Vault of Heroes story line AC Comics "revived" a supposed Golden Age hero named Microman in the early 1990's. The way he tells the story Microman started life as research scientist Dr. Carey Roberts who, along with his assistant Doris Dalton, was conducting research into electromagnetic fields in 1941. He stumbled upon a parallel dimension and created two portals - one small and then a man-sized one. Venturing through the larger one he's overcome by deadly spores from a plant so Doris grabs a couple of gas masks that just happen to be handy and rushes into the strange dimension to rescue Carey. She revives him but the large portal closes and they can only return through the smaller one. Yep, you saw this coming didn't you?? They come back reduced in size to about eight inches. Upset but undeterred they determine to become crime fighters - what else - as Microman and Microgirl and did pretty well for a decade. Then Microman decided to join in the Vault of Heroes project (more on that later) and goes into hibernation for a few decades until he's revived in the 1990's. There doesn't seem to have been a Microman in the Golden Age so I'm sure AC was really using the Centaur Comics Minimidget and his girlfriend Ritty - neither pair could resume their original size and were stuck as "midgets." I don't know what happened to Microgirl but Microman did have some adventures with the girls of Femforce. I used a small metal heroes Cyclops figure, which had goggles like Microman, and cleaned the rest of the detail off his costume. I put She-Cat into the picture to give you a sense of scale.

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