Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Justice Squadron

Every universe has its share (sometimes more than its share) of butt-heads (trying to keep it clean - don't want to be reported for rude language). In the AC Comics Universe these four guys are the male chauvinist pigs (MCP, as if you didn't know) of the superhero crowd. They boast and brag and attempt to take up all the air in the room and in the end they usually get their butts handed to them on a silver platter. Usually by the girls - Oh, the shame!!! The guy on left is the leader of the Justice Squad, name of Atoman, who seems to have a lot of strength powers and I think he can fly - with or without booze. Next to him is Speedbolt, who reminds me a bit of DC Comics Impulse, but anyway, he's the team's speedster, usually tripping over his own feet, or the accent rugs. Next right I first saw named Nightman and he seemed to be a "Batman" type, but he has never really demonstrated any real detective skills. Later I heard him called Carbonator and he had some weird power of generating clouds of soot. I suppose if he can't beat the bad guys he could at least leave their house in a mess. And then on right we have either Magic Lantern or Beamer, depending on which comic you read. I think he's suppose to be some sort of Green Lantern but I've never really seen him do much. One of the girls ripped the symbol off his chest and that really freaked him out so maybe that's the source of his power. I made Atoman from a Toy Biz Black Lash figure, which required major Dremeling. Speedbolt was made from a Mattel Secret Wars Doctor Octopus figure with a head from my unident heads box. Nightman/Carbonator was made from an Animated Batman; I used some paper to make the tops of his boots. And finally for Magic Lantern/Beamer I used a Superpowers Collection Green Lantern; I fastened the cape to his chest with brass nails that work very well for that purpose.

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