Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jungle Girls

I stumbled across the picture at left and it sort of inspired me. It looks like something published by AC Comics, who took over a number of the jungle girls from the Golden Age over the years. Since I had done all four of the girls I thought I'd just put them together as a nice comparison. The figures are, starting from in back, Rulah, then bottom row left to right we have Camilla, Tiger Girl and Cave Girl. The astute observer will notice that I've used the same body (Toy Biz Savage Land Storm) and mixed up the heads. Rulah has the head of an Alpha Flight Aurora, Camilla has a Dagger head, Tiger girl has the head from a Hercules Atalanta and Cave Girl has the head from a Toy Biz Psylocke. They represent three Golden Age comics houses but I'm not a gonna tell - a coveted no-prize will go to the reader who can name the publishing houses for each.

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