Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Nancy Arazello blundered into the path of a bolt of energy from Zzarra, an other-dimensional insect Deity, merging her existence with a beautiful silver-haired goddess who could fly, possessed superhuman strength and move objects telekinetically. If it was me who stepped in front of the damned beam I'd have just turned into a pile of goo. Another heroine from the pages of various AC Comics publications, Nancy sort of struggles with her persona as she battles various bad guys who all seem bent on destruction and pillage. She initially appeared in 1983 and has sort of moved in and out of the Femforce universe since then. I'd almost call her a second-stringer, but she does have that silver hair and those green goggles/bug eyes going for her so that is a plus. I used another Toy Biz Jean Grey figure, Dremeling the belt off and painting her white and black. I used epoxy putty for the goggles/bug eyes and painted them gloss green enamel. I don't generally use enamel on plastic because it tends never to set properly, but use on expoxy is fine and in this case gave me the effect I was after.

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