Thursday, January 12, 2012

Scarlet Scorpion

I sort of like this character because he's an everyman. According to the canon there was a Scarlet Scorpion fighting bad guys back in the 1950's and 60's. The first one was actually Inspector Trent, who apparently went from costumed vigilante to police chief. Fast forward to 1984 and Mike McClusky, a sixteen-wheel truck driver gets on the bad side of some bad guys. They think he heisted a shipment of whatever it was they were shipping and so they do what bad guys usually do - they torture him, and then shoot him and dump the body. Except this time Mike the victim wakes up!! Turns out he has superhuman healing properties and super strength. He goes off on a crusade to catch the bad guys and happens to run into Inspector Trent, who just happens to know where the Scarlet Scorpion's equipment is stored. Now dressed as the Scorpion Mike is on a crusade. I ended up doing two versions of the Scarlet Scorpion, although not specifically targeted at the two separate individuals, but mostly based on the various artistic representations. The more pumped version is from a Toy Biz Gladiator figure while the other one is a Toy Biz Flash.

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