Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ravagers - The Mercenary

This is the fourth and final character from AC Comics super group the Ravagers. The Mercenary takes a medical center hostage in Newark, New Jersey in order to lure the Scarlet Scorpion into a fatal trap. The two of them seem evenly matched, with superhuman strength and the Mercenary has computer-perfect coordination and the ability to master any physical skill in a few hours - probably making him real handy around the house. Except in this case he means fighting skills. Plus he has a really nice shield with a skull and cross-bones on it to really scare the rubes. One problem though - the Scorpion can see well in the dark so when the cops cut the power the Mercenary is suddenly at a disadvantage and is quickly dispatched. Should have invested in a pair of night-vision goggles. The Mercenary was made using a Spider-Man figure, which I painted in the camouflage pattern, and I found a shield in my parts box that, with a little putty, made a nice shield for him. I think the Ravagers were revived sometime later but I haven't seen the later incarnation yet.

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