Friday, January 6, 2012

Synn - Cool Beans

In the Femforce universe one figure stands out and that is Synn. Due to some bizarre accidental confluence of chemicals and factors (sort of like Barry Allen getting splashed with chemicals just as his lab is being struck by lightning turning him into the fastest man alive) including hallucinogenic chemicals, high voltage electricity and her own rather bizarre persona, Synn can turn the most random thought into tangible reality. However, due to a childhood of abuse and then her own abuse of drugs, she is rather unfocused and suffers from a short attention span. She can conjure a giant eagle to take you to the highest building in the city, but when she loses focus the eagle will disappear and you'll be stuck at the top of the building. Cool beans! By the way, cool beans is her trademark expletive. Although basically good hearted and intent on doing the right thing she has a real bad tendency for gullibility and misdirection by those who have a more demonic bent of character. When AC Comics was introducing an entertainment magazine called Synn Watch a few years back they asked me to do an article on customizing action figures. For the article I did Synn, using a Toy Biz Invisible Woman and the head from a Black Cat. The result is in the illustration.

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