Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ravagers - X-T

For my third installment in the AC Comics Ravagers super powered group I present - ta da - X-T, which he informs Dragonfly stands for Extra-Terrestrial (catchy name, don't ya think? - I guess ET was already taken). Then he claims he's from the planet Venus, which, if you didn't know, has surface pressure that has crushed more than several spacecraft sent from earth, has more volcanoes than all the inner planets combined and rains sulfuric acid. Anyway, we know he's just a human paranormal anyway. However, he can freeze the air around Dragonfly with beams from his eyes, can become intangible, can fly and has super strength. But in their battle at the Kennedy Space Center Dragonfly tricks him into entering a chamber that simulates the Venusian atmosphere (not sure why they would have one of those, but what the heck), which robs X-T of all his powers and she knocks him out. I made X-T using the body of a Superpowers Collection Green Lantern and the head of a Martian Manhunter. He actually has a pretty interesting look.

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