Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Shade

Roger Brant is an American soldier who loses his legs and is trapped in an ancient temple in Vietnam. The otherworldly Chen Lo gives Roger the secret to tapping into a million dead souls who were apparently murdered in the temple and he becomes the Shade. He seems to be able to fly, become intangible, create mental images and is supremely powerful. He also seems to be able either to change size or to make people perceive he can do that; and let's face it, with that kisser he could probably scare the crap out of almost anyone anyway. Roger goes to work for Fremont Industries, run my Femforce member Tara Fremont and her father, where the Shade and Tara end up knee deep in rotting corpses and zombies. Shade is also linked in several adventures to Nightveil and helps out when earth is invaded by the female forces of the planet Rur (see Stardust post). I decided to do three versions of Shade, including a 10", a five inch and the smaller two and a half inch, all made from different sized Toy Biz Silver Surfer figures.

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