Friday, January 13, 2012

Commando D

Sometimes I come to certain comic story-lines late in the game and then go back and catch up a bit - and so it was with AC Comics. When I first encountered this character in 1993 he was calling himself Dimension Commando and then when I rediscovered him in a 1985 story-line he was referred to as Commando D. As it turns out this is another of those aliens, this time from the planet Altrannas. Sort of like Battlestar Galactica as we encounter this planet it is about to be over run by the reptilian shapeshifting Vardax. This guy named Kon-Nor is given a double dose of all the planet's knowledge and he's locked inside a compartment which is locked inside a ring which is given to his girlfriend Dorna and they head to earth. Of course, where else would you go with all the advanced knowledge of your dying race? Of course the girl dies, wiping out the future of that genetic strain, and the ring comes into possession of a teenager named Denny Brant, who can now call forth the good commando whenever he needs him. (Sounds a little like the Captain Mar-Vel-Rick Jones story-line from a number of years ago.) Kon-Nor took on the persona of Commando D and started paling around with the Sentinels of Justice. By 1993 Denny seems to have fallen by the wayside and the Scarlet Scorpion is in possession of the magic ring. I used a Toy Biz Daredevil to make the D-Man. I haven't done Denny yet, although he's sort of on my long-term maybe gonna do list.

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