Sunday, January 8, 2012

Rayda - Electric Lady

I rather like Rayda because she got her electronic powers during the first Gulf War. Dyna Moris was a patriotic young lady who's hero was Ms. Victory and who's mission was to serve her country. While stationed in Saudi Arabia she was trying to save civilians during a Scud missile attack when there was an explosion at a nuclear facility. She was caught in the explosion but rather than turn radioactive and die like most people probably would she became a human dynamo. She's able to generate massive electrical discharges and her reaction time and muscle control are greatly enhanced. Rayda can process any electrical energy that she comes into contact with and can generate bolts from her eyes and hands and can even generate an electrical field across her entire body. She rides a custom motorcycle powered by her own electrical energy. Model and actress Julie Michaels (pics on right) made personal appearances in the Rayda costume a few years ago. I used a Toy Biz Alpha Flight Aurora action figure for Rayda, but the real problem was trying to get the stripes on her costume right.

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