Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tara - Quintessential Jungle Girl

Tara Freemont is another one of those really wildly rich people who decide to dedicate their lives to a worthy cause. I wonder, are there really people like that in the world today. There have been in the past but now I wonder. Anyway, Tara is sort of AC Comics answer to all the Golden Age jungles girls, a few of whom I've featured here in the past. Tara is described as a tireless environmental activist (probably vegan). She aided Femforce during one of their cases and has remained with the group ever since. Tara's father is the mega-wealthy industrialist TC Freemont who bought her an island which she maintains as a nature preserve, including the odd prehistoric monster or two. Tara's only "superhuman" abilities are a strange "empathy" with animals, and the ability to grow to enormous heights (see inset graphic), brought on when she was tricked into drinking something called the Garganta formula. When I wanted to do an action figure of Tara I decided to do a couple of sizes. The smaller one is a conventional Toy Biz Storm figure with the head from a Dagger with the hair painted black. The larger figure is an epoxy resin 120mm figure, I think from a company called Soldat, which I'm not sure still exists.

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